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Adelaide Earthmoving and Excavation Service

Earthmoving Adelaide is a full-service earthmoving and construction company that specializes in all aspects of the earthmoving industry. We have been serving the South Australian market for many years, and are an established name in the industry. Our team of qualified professionals offer a wide range of services including: earthmoving, excavation, concrete & asphalt/paving, stump grinding & removal, and dirty work and maintenance.

Earthmoving Adelaide has built up an excellent reputation for quality workmanship, honest pricing and expert advice on any aspect of earthmoving, roadworks or landscape maintenance. We offer high quality services at competitive rates and we are able to handle any project you may have. Our team of professionals that can provide you with all the necessary support for your project. If you need us for any reason, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is Earth Moving

Earthmoving is the process of removing earth and other solid material from an area to create a space for new construction. Earthmoving can be done with heavy equipment such as backhoes or bulldozers, or by hand using shovels, rakes, and other tools. Earthmoving can also be used to create roads, parking lots, drainage ditches, retaining walls and access roads.

Earthmoving is part of any construction project from the start to finish. It’s a tedious process that requires planning and preparation before it begins. Earthmoving Adelaide can help with all aspects of your project from planning to completion.

earth moving for building demolition


As a premier in the construction industry, we work with excavation including digging, trenching, breaking ground, and ripping up or drilling a hole.

Concrete & Asphalt

We build concrete and asphalt roads, patios, driveways, carparks, garages, and more. Feel free to call us if you need our help.


We also provide paving using brick layers, stamped concrete, and more. Depending on where you want them for installation, competitive pricing is always offered.


Stump Grinding & Removal

As part of demolition process, we can also remove stump, including grinding and cutting services.

Dirty Work & Maintenance

We do all the dirty work and maintenance, including demolition, earthmoving, and excavation.

Access Roads

We make access roads in subdivisions, suburbs, and other areas in the community.

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